Say What You Wanna Say

The #metoo and #timesup movements have brought up a lot of emotions for me... emotions I'm still trying to work out for myself. And having to do that in front of my 18-year old son and 15-year old daughter can be a bit tricky to navigate. I recognize that, as their mother, I am the… Continue reading Say What You Wanna Say

Life Hanging in the Balance

Wow. This has been an emotional week. Like many of you, I imagine, I have been following the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Thankfully, I did not lose anyone close to me nor did I have friends or family attending the concert. However, my community has been impacted. We have lost two people; a soldier… Continue reading Life Hanging in the Balance

A Letter To My Daughter

To My Beauty, Your letter last week caused so many different emotions to come over me... wave after wave. First, I was heartbroken. My heart breaks because I know you are hurting, and I can't fix it. My heart breaks because you are in so much pain, and I feel like I invited it into… Continue reading A Letter To My Daughter

into my mind

  my family tells me that i just need to try harder; that if i could just take that small step, that everything would fall into place after that. my family tells my that this is just a phase, just a bad time in my life. is it just a bad time in my life,… Continue reading into my mind

Mind, Body, Spirit

Sixteen years ago, I discovered yoga. I was a frazzled new mom of an 18-month old baby boy. I went from signing contracts with clients and negotiating with banks, to singing "Wheels on the Bus" over and over again and negotiating with my toddler to let me go to the bathroom in private. Being a… Continue reading Mind, Body, Spirit

Oxygen Mask

I started flying on airplanes when I was 5 years old. My mom would send me on solo trips from Colorado to California to visit my grandparents. I can't ever imagine doing this with one of my children today, but I keep hearing things were different back then. I remember sitting in the seat paying… Continue reading Oxygen Mask


At 17 years old, I used to imagine how amazing my life was going to be. I could be anything I wanted to be; a doctor, actress, archaeologist, writer... and whatever I would choose, it would absolutely include world travel. I felt like I had a blank canvas, and I was the artist who was… Continue reading Balance